Redragon (K555-1)

INDRAH Keyboard


Designed for Gamers!


The Redragon K555 is the perfect combination of functionality, durability and comfort for a professional gamer.


Aluminum and ABS construction, plate-mounted switches, mechanical spring-loaded top-end switches, sharp and bright adjustable RGB LED backlighting, gold-plated USB connector and splash-proof design.


With its stylish industrial design, it is also ergonomic and has a removable wrist rest. No matter how long you write or how intense your gaming sessions are, you'll always be comfortable.


RGB Advanced backlight control - Don't feel like blue today? No problem, choose from 7-RGB backlight colors and 6 different lighting modes for all 104 keys.


The user can adjust the backlight brightness or turn off the lighting completely if necessary.




K555 RGB-2©--¥.jpg

Outemu mechanical keys are designed for long-lasting use and resistance to external factors.

The WIN key can be disabled for gaming.


Spill Resistant Design

Don't let the spill get you out of the game.


The Redragon K555 INDRAH is built to withstand spillage.

Technicial Specifications


Interface: USB

Cable Length: 180 cm

Full Size keyboard with 104 standard keys, full numeric keypad

All 104 keys are 100% non-overlap, not shadowed

Keyboard Switches: OUTEMU Optical BLUE SWICTH

6 multimedia keys

Keyboard Dimensions: 447.5x217x39x3mm

5 programmable macro keys

Windows key lock option

12 Double action F and multimedia keys

Changeable "WASD" keys